U2F Authentication

U2F Authentication

U2F Authentication
U2F Authentication


We have implemented an authentication solution using double factors which is fully compliant with the FIDO norm (U2F key & validation server). It can be easily integrated with your business applications such as: CRM, EDM, archiving, Core Banking, collaborative portal, professional messaging, proprietary software, etc.

It is also compatible with Google, Facebook, GitHub, Dropbox, Online Payment (Paypal), etc.

Easy and highly secured online authentication

  • You can associate your Enterprise Company account or any other account (google, drobox, etc.) with our U2F authentication key.
  • Once you have entered your password, simply connect your U2F key to your computer to send your encrypted key to the server of your company that authenticates you.

Our U2F (Universal Second Factor) solution is a
free web authentication platform designed to enhance
and simplify dual factor authentication using an USB token

Username/PasswordEnter your

Insérer/ToucherInsert U2F usb key &
Touch the button

Authentification/Validation Successful authentication
Validation with the server


  • It can be considered as an extra layer of security that offer a better user experience during authentication.
  • Online authentication using public key cryptography.
  • It contains a secure chip with a unique key that belongs to you. Metaphorically, we could say that it is a digital equivalent to the key of a safe, which is based on the concept of public key / private key

Benefits &

  • Add a second authentication layer to your business applications
  • Protection against  passwords' fishing (much more secure than other second factors authentication technologies such as SMS or OTP)
  • No driver is needed (Plug and Play)
  • The private key never leaves the USB token.
  • If your password or key is stolen, you won't be facing any danger since you need both to access to your accounts
  • Compatibility with Facebook, Google (Gmail, Youtube, Google Ad, etc.), Github, Dropbox, FastMail, Dashlane, Salesforce ...
  • Extended Compatibility (Zimbra, Office 365, etc.) through Identity Federation Services (WebSSO)