Electronic signature

Electronic signature

Electronic signature
Electronic signature


Our KALAA electronic signature solution is compatible with the Microsoft & Adobe suite. It enables dematerialized documents to be electronically signed using a certificate containing the identity of the signatory, the issuing authority and its fingerprint.

With the cryptographic USB key containing the signatory's private key, each document is signed and hashed in SAHA-256 in order to generate a unique digital fingerprint of the signer of the document.

Based on our PKI proprietary solution "KALAA"
you can sign your documents electronically to ensure
data integrity and the identity of its signatory

Objectives & Features

Using a numerical identifier based on a certificate issued by a certification authority, our electronic signature solution identifies the signatory of the document as well as it guarantees that it has not been altered between the moment of its signature and the moment of its consultation. Our solution meets the following requirements :

Authenticity: he identity of the signatory must be able to be found with certainty

Tamper-proof: the signature cannot be falsified. Nobody can take the identity of another.

Non-reusable: the signature is not reusable. It is part of the signed document and cannot be moved to another document.

Unalterable: a signed document cannot be altered once signed.

Irrevocable: the person who signed cannot deny it.

Benefits of the

  • Time saving
  • Enhanced confidentiality and traceability
  • Improved security of your documents
  • Integrity of documents and authentication of its author
  • Total disposal of paper, wet stamp and manual signature
  • Reduction of paper processing costs and archiving of documents in hardcopies
  • Real-time accessibility to signed documents
  • Added probative value to your electronic exchanges.