Data Encryption

Data Encryption

Data Encryption
Data Encryption


Using an asymmetric cryptography, our encryption solution is perfectly adaptable to Windows environments which allows carrying out a file systems encryption on unstructured data as well as structured data like emails.

By dint of the public key infrastructure, the data cannot be accessed unless the user possesses the appropriate cryptographic key to decrypt it and view its content.

By means of a cryptographic process & a PKI smartcard
our data encryption solution is considered the best
for any business data security

Solution Objectives

Our data encryption solution allows the modification of data in a manner where only authorized people can decrypt and access it which makes it extremely complex to access, alter or jeopardize any business data by a non-trusted party (hackers).

Due to the private key stored in a highly secure location (servers, smart cards, HSMs, ..etc), our solution provides a mean to encrypt files, folders, email...etc.

Benefits & Features

  • Provide a high level of security.
  • Spread a good privacy policy among employees.
  • Stop information leakage during email exchange and file collaboration.
  • Ensure the safety of communication channels from attackers. 
  • Protect data from being stolen or jeopardized.
  • Ensure data confidentiality.
Benefits & Features of data encryption solution