Student-School Card

Student-School Card

Student-School Card
Student-School Card


Unlike traditional identification card, our student/school card offers a high level of visual security during its manufacturing as well as the possibility of secure identification / authentication of card holders.

As multi application cards, the student ID badges can
grant a secure access to university, college, ...
services with higher flexibility and user comfortability

Laminated PVC

ISO/CEI 7810 ID-1
85.60 x 53.98

Four color
Front and Back

Thermal transfer YMCK

Physical security elements

A variety of technologies can be integrated to ensure card authenticity:

Hologram : holographic images changing color in different tilting angles

Kinegram : a security element characterized by special visual effects that can be seen when changing direction of observation

Laser engraving : deep laser penetration of card body hardening physical security

Possible identification options

ID badges can integrate identification codes and storage elements like :

Serial number : unique alphanumeric sequence identifying card holder

Barcode: graphical representation of alphanumeric sequence automating card holder identification

Magnetic Stripe : three tracks magnetic data storage element compliant with ISO standard.

Chip:  Digital storage memory with higher capacity

Benefits &

  • Card non reproducibility (fraud elimination)
  • Card authenticity verification based on physical security elements
  • Easy card holder verification at college and university entrance
  • Centralized access to college/university services (library, restaurant, scientific clubs, laboratories, etc.)
  • Possibility to integrate an electronic purse
  • Instant issuance of cards
Student-School Card