Our ePassport solution is based on two main components :

  • that A highly secured contactless smartcard implements both ISO 14443 and ISO 7816 standards. Unlike the traditional RFID cards, our cards can carry out complex operations internally such as encryption and challenge/response authentication.
  • A software implementation of the MRTD (Machine Readable Travel Document) standards as specified by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). there are a card side application (the passport applet) and a host side API that can be used on desktop and mobile devices.

icao logoOur electronic passport solution ePassport is based on a contactless
smartcard that contains the holder's personal data such as
(first name, last name, date of birth...etc) and a software that
implements the Machine Readable Travel Document (MRTD)
standards as specified by the international Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Description of the Solution

Our passport stores the holder's data such as name, address, picture, signature...etc. We respect the ISO 7816 standard to ensure the document interoperability and portability.

The ePassport solution provides a mean of biometric information verifications to ensure that the on chip information are not copied (a clone) using active authentication and/or chip authentication confirming that the electronic passport held by the traveler has been issued by a competent authority.

Benefits &

  • Provide a higher lever of security at borders' checkpoints.
  • Facilitate the verification process through the ICAO public key directory (PKD).
  • Effective and accurate identification of travelers at border checkpoints
  • Automated control in any airport / border without physical contact