Salon des Banques Assurances Expo Finances 2018

Date : Du 20 au 26 Décembre 2018

Localisation : SAFEX

Salon international du tourisme et des voyages

Date : Du 17 au 20 Octobre 2018

Localisation : SAFEX

Salon du sport et la remise en forme

Date : Du 24 au 29 Septembre 2018

Localisation : SAFEX

Salon SICOM 2018

Date : Du 02 au 06 Avril 2018

Localisation : SAFEX

About HBTechnologies

With its expertise since 2004, HB-Technologies is pioneer in Africa, in digital security, embedded electronic and IT solutions based on highly secure smart cards that comply with international standards and norms.  Our Research & Development Center and Quality Department, implement solutions in the fields of digital security, E-Gov, banking, telecommunications, transport, identification, etc.

HB-Technologies is certified ISO 9001:2015, MASTERCARD, VISA, GSMA-SAS and can produce more than 100 million cards per year.