Loyalty Card

Loyalty Card

Loyalty Card
Loyalty Card


Loyalty cards allow merchants to identify customers and afford them some benefits like bonuses, price reduction,.. Based on customer behavioral data (consumption habits, personal data, ..) you can refine the knowledge of your customers and improve your offers by customizing them according to their profiles.

Loyalty cards allow merchants to easily and rapidly
identify customers on their loyalty platforms

Laminated PVC

ISO/CEI 7810 ID-1
85.60 x 53.98

Four color Offset
Front and Back

Encoding Chip
Thermal transfer
(YMCK, Monochrome)

Physical Security Elements

A variety of technologies can be integrated to verify ID badge authenticity :

Hologram : holographic images changing color in different tilting angles

Kinegram : a security element characterized by special visual effects that can be seen when changing direction of observation

Laser engraving : deep laser penetration of card body hardening physical security

Possible Identification Options

ID badges can integrate identification codes and storage elements like :

Serial number : unique alphanumeric sequence identifying card holder

Barcode : graphical representation of alphanumeric sequence automating card holder identification

Magnetic Stripe : three tracks magnetic data storage element compliant with ISO standard.

Chip : digital storage memory with higher capacity

Benefits &

  • Customer fidelity.
  • Specific promotion applications
  • Card authenticity verification based on physical security elements
  • Instant card issuance.
Loyalty Card