Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)


We provide the entire solution PKI-KALAA ecosystem with all its components (Servers, physical computing devices such as HSM 'Hardware Security Module', smart cards, card readers, software and much more ).

Our solution KALAA PKI consists of multiple layers that provide a high level of security. It also ensures data integrity by providing a mean to sign documents and verify the already signed documents.

Using the best authentication practices
our PKI solution KALAA offers cryptographic services that
allow users' authentication and ensures a secure communication

Solution Objectives

Our PKI solution offers applications that allow users' authentication and ensure a highly secured communication. By mean of strong security mechanism based on cryptographic USB token which follows the X.509 standard, we offer a strong authentication solution that guarantees the protection of both users and servers identities.

We offer a public key infrastructure (PKI) to supports the identification and distribution of public encryption keys.. Any PKI is usually made out of one or more certification authority which carries the creation and signing of certificates.

Our PKI solution offers a set of services to the users such as :

  • Saving (or creating) users (or other hardware components).
  • Certificates generation, renewal, validation (not revocation), revocation and publishing.
  • publishing revocation lists (including certificate revocation list).
  • users' authentication and identification.

Benefits &

  • Guaranteed data confidentiality and integrity.
  • Key management.
  • Ensure a secure communication.
  • Smartcard authentication.
  • Use of 4096 bits keys.
  • Centralized SSL certificates management.